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Does Your Money Disappear Before Your Eyes?

Like us have you found it’s hard to earn and easy to spend? Do you want to discover where your money’s going, whether you’re getting the most out of it and have a look at your financial future? If so, we have a solution to predict and manage your cashflow.
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Work with us on your cashflow today — here’s why:

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Peace of Mind

Cashflow forecasts let you predict the future. You can make financial decisions knowing the short, medium and long term consequences. It’s a great way to stay out of financial trouble.
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Flexibility & Control

Business or personal, your life is unique and your cashflow is too. Life is dynamic and you need to quickly and easily update your cashflow forecast to accurately reflect your finances. Invent your own future by being in control of where and when you spend your money.
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Do More than Pay the Bills

There are bills you have to pay and things you really want. With insight into your cashflow you can grow and maximise your finances. Satisfy your commitments and achieve more than just paying the bills.
Solutions & Services
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Cashflow Angels specialise in
Cashflow Forecasting & Management
businesses, individuals and events.

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Ours Is A Practical Approach

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Define Cashflow Items


& Forecast


Analyse Reports


Manage Actuals


& Plan

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  1. Define Cashflow Items
  2. Simulate & Forecast
  3. Analyse Reports
  4. Think & Plan
  5. Manage Actuals
More About Our Approach
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With Unique Software

Our software goes way beyond your typical spreadsheet for budgeting. Our custom built software gives us the flexibility to model and simulate any financial arrangements.
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See What Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say

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Case Study

Bev's Remnant House

Bev started her retail company more than two years ago now and has managed to establish and grow her business in an economic climate constantly predicting doom and gloom. Bev’s Remnant House specialises in remnant designer fabrics, exotic cushions, lamps and accessories as well as offering specialist design and upholstery services.

At the 18 month mark Bev knew people liked her shop and services but wondered just how she was really going economically. She decided a systematic and strategic review the finances of her business was in order and sought guidance from Cashflow Angels.

One of Bev’s challenges is that predicting weekly income for a retail business is tricky as you never know how many customers will buy on any day. Luckily Bev had 18 months of data and we were able to look at trends, make predictions and use our software to run a Monte Carlo analysis to account for the randomness of the income on a day to day level.
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Case Study

Event Design + Architecture

Eamon is the prime creative force of his busy event and set design business. The company is small in numbers but does some huge events - the opening and closing of the Sydney Olympics, Paralympics and the games in Doha are among them.

Eamon’s challenge was that he knew the business needed some attention and he had an idea of the changes he wanted to implement but the task was something he was just too busy to get to. Artistically the business was excelling - the help Eamon needed was to review the business of the business.

Cashflow Angels met with Eamon and, having committed to working together, drew up a list of proirities. Di stepped into Eamon’s studio and started with the filing cabinets...
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We like to keep up with financial issues that affect us on a real level. Articles about super, retiring, the cost of living, business, saving and even a bit of trivia. Articles we’ve read recently.
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It’s hard to consistently stay on top of your financials on your own. Cashflow Angels can offer you our ongoing support and we can tailor it to suit you. Think of us as a personal trainer for your money.
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